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Looking for a temporary beta for some RPF American Idol Slash.

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Jul. 8th, 2009 | 01:13 am
posted by: dream_a_dreamer in thebetahole

 Right now I'm in the beginning stages of writing this piece. By that I mean I have done the introduction and the first chapter that needs to be beta read. I will only need a temporary beta because for some strange reason I have lost all contact with my former beta. I have become inpatient in waiting for a reply back from them. So as you see need a temporary beta to fill her shoes for now. A little bit about my story that I have written. Yes it's slash. Kradam to exact thats Kris Allen and Adam Lambert together. It's around a main idea that Love doesn't come from rain. Here is a link to my journal with the story    http://dream-a-dreamer.livejournal.com/  It's called Rain and if you would like to be my beta I would be very grateful.

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