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help with grammar, spelling... needed

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 | 04:34 pm
posted by: hana_no_shi in thebetahole

Hello, I am a German student. I have to write paper on criminal profiling, more specifically a comparison of criminal profiling in the US and Europe, for school. Everyone has to write such an essay and it will count into my A-levels (the German highschool diploma). Now I have to admit we were given a lot of time, but I (of course) just started working on it a few days before. I have to turn it in in about 10 days. Now I am kind of frantically searching for a beta reader as I don't know anyone from America who lives in Germany or the US as I haven't been able to participate in an exchange year as some of my classmates did.
I would really, really appreciate it if someone could give my work a quick overlook. I don't ask for anyone to correct content-related matters but just give it a quick once-over, keeping their eyes open for misused words or grammar/spelling mistakes. I would be very grateful, if someone was willing to do that.
Thanks in advance,

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